As a breast cancer survivor, I used many of these oils during my healing journey. I found them to be calming and relaxing. I want others to enjoy the pleasure I had with these oils. Healing Scent Oils was created to do precisely this. Essential oils are experiencing a surge in popularity right now. Everyone is discovering their effectiveness in many natural living circles and incorporating high-grade essential oils into their lives and home.
We at Healing Scent Oils attribute this to a rise in mindful living. Folks are growing more conscious of the foods they're eating (reading labels, investigating sources), which influences all other aspects of their health. Many essential oils are precious (and cost


more) because they are sourced from plants only accessible in certain parts of the world and specific seasons. Why are Essential Oils So Popular At the Moment?
They're a powerful and effective ingredient in many non-toxic DIY recipes
They work!
They're affordable and accessible. (1-2 drops goes a long way)
They're incredibly versatile (with thousands of uses)
They're saving folks lots of money by helping them support their bodies year-round to achieve vibrant wellness
The most common way to use essential oils is for their fantastic scent and therapeutic properties. But they can also be used in diffusers and humid well as diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin. Essential oils have a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic properties.
We at Healing Scent Oil invite you to visit our store for many of the carrier oils. With these fabulous scents, you will also discover refined oils, diffusers, and incense!
Lastly, before you turn in for the night, prepare a cup of relaxing tea in one of our beautiful Porcelain or Bone China teapots; you are sure to get a perfect night’s sleep.

Our mission is simple to help our customers get the best out of life, by frosting our community of healing and discovery of our nature oils while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose and abundance to a healthier life.

healing Scent oils vision is to enhance lives around the world by sharing the unique benefits of nature’s living energy – essential oils

Healing Scent Oils goal is to introduce our audience to the changing trends in healing therapies or natural oils. Promoting reduce stress, calmness and help with sleep. True there is no guarantee these oils will help everyone, but if we can help 1 person improve their quality of life than we have accomplished our goal.

Integrity We Provide

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