Prominent health benefits of Lavender oil

Jan, 08 , 23

Lavender oil is one of the most famous and versatile oils used in aromatherapy. Derived from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, it has many health benefits that have been scientifically proven...

Reasons to Love and Use Frankincense Oil

Nov, 17 , 22

Frankincense has earned its title as “The King of Oils” because of its versatility. When used topically, frankincense touts powerful anti-aging properties. It promotes cellular function and the appearance of healthy-looking skin, evening out skin tone and minimizing blemishes.

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Frankincense & Rose Face Cream

Nov, 04 , 22

Our best selling face cream, loved by our customers for its skin boosting  properties. This is a classic face cream formulated to revitalize and nourish the skin. The addition of frankincense...

Ginger Root essential oil uses

Nov, 04 , 22
Ginger Essential Oil can soothe redness and eliminate bacteria, especially redness and bacteria associated with acne.

Natural Sleep Cycle Restoration with Essential Oils

Jun, 08 , 22

In the current world, using essential oils to boost general health has become commonplace.

Five luxurious ways to enjoy the advantages of rose essential oil

Jun, 08 , 22

You should be aware that rose oil is the best of the lot! The pinnacle of elegance and grace is this stunning floral oil.

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