Launched in 2001, Michael Kors for Men is a classic fragrance that combines urban sophistication with rugged style. It combines masculine notes of tobacco, suede and sandalwood with spices like star anise, coriander and caraway, with fruity notes of plum, dried fruit and bergamot. It is the perfect scent for the complex man who combines elegant style with a can-do attitude. It is intense enough of busy day at the office or outdoors but suave enough for that special night out on the town.
Michael Kors for Men has spicy top notes of coriander, tarragon, star anise, caraway, bergamot, cardamom, and cinnamon with an earthy note fir resin. It has masculine heart notes of tobacco, suede and aromatic incense. Base notes include sweet plum, dried fruit, exotic patchouli and fragrant sandalwood.

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